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We presently have 9 adult dogs, and 3 litters of pups left to be placed. Of those litters there are 2 handicaped. 1 is Skooter who was cought in a slamming door, the second a large airtank fell on his mom while he was searching for a milk bottle and the tank rolled on him and pinned his foot under it...I thougt he was a gonner. His neck muscles were in large knots. When my hubby got the tank off him , i began to pray for hiim, He lasted thru the night,[Sat] he woke up a little on Sunday, began to take fluids and puree food, in small amounts. Monday, he awoke hungry, and thirsty. We fed him soft food with out so much water, I put him back to sleep with the other pups.. Suddenly he found his way to his feet, wobbled a few steps and fell over. I am thinking he still has a concusion that needs to heal morre.... Tonight he managed to wobble himself after a few falls into the kitchen to eat with his litter mates. He is getting more control of his head, but his balance is still off. I plan to take him with on the day we go to the "doggie rehab" to getSkooters wheel chair and have him evlauated at that time for possible assisted needs... I am so very grateful his life has been spared he seems to just keep improving>>> I know the Angels are watching over him and caring hiim on orders from the Father above>>>> So far I have had a quiet day to witness a Merical in Progress so to speak. 

These little kids [pups] just show me with thier courage and durability that life is worth living no matter how bad it seems . I get excited to see them do more eachday that they are improving. When only a couple of days ago i thought that the little guy would not make it thru the night, and I was shown differently.........

 My jewelry is very simplistic and has not began to sell as of yet. Nor have my landscape photos i have for sale... Medicare only allows you so much that you can make in 1 year and i think it is ony $1500, in my case.. another 15K per year on what i have coming in now would bring me UP to the Povery line.... Just have to figure out how to feed us all from one month to the next... Prayers are always welcome and so would donations be too... It could be dog food, animal supplies, placement for some of the adults in new" loving good" homes. Some of our dogs have been dropped off near our home by those who do not want them, they usualy find their way here>>>    Blessings and Prayers your way>> Have a great day.. 


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Hello Diane

How can I see your artwork(jewelry)???Maybe with the money allocated to medicaid, it will help you some. I pray it will..I know how it is about the animals. I love my two dogs. We do the best we can. Right. How is the puppy situation? Have a great day. patticakj


Hello Diane, Thank you for coming to my site... it's under construction but I'll get the good word out...Birdman^i^

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